3 government banks will get freedom on loan

Technology vikas Dec 7, 2018

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The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will consider this week whether the weak banks trapped by debt will be allowed to distribute loans from renewed or not. These government banks are given R.B.I. The prompts were brought under the purview of Creative Commons (PCA). In this way R.B.I. Had decided that till the condition of these banks improved, it would not be able to offer any major new loans. Now R.B.I. It is going to consider whether there should be some relaxation in this restriction or not. R.B.I. The Board of Financial Supervision (BFS) will meet on December 6.

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BFs fixed a few days ago According to the agenda of the PCA in this meeting The latest gardener's condition will be taken out of the 11 banks put in the framework so that the decision on the issue of relaxation of debt can be decided. B.F.S. The members of the R.B.I. To the main board, who will make the final decision. RBY last days And there was a panic in public between the government. Later, there was an agreement between the two parties. P.C.A. But there was a decision to look at again.

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A person aware of the case told that the PCA There has been some improvement in the 3 banks put in. The Board has to decide whether the PCA How can they be removed in a phased manner, what these three banks can do in the next 6 months and in this case the Center and the RBI. What will be the role. These banks have been kept in PCA. P.C.A. Under the framework, Dena Bank, Central Bank of India, Bank of Maharashtra, UCO Bank, IDBI Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Indian Overseas Bank, Corporation Bank, Bank of India, Allahabad Bank and United Bank of India.

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