Shocking: Man kills labourer, burns body to fake his own death for insurance claims

Controversial us Dec 7, 2018

In a spooking incidence, a man in Pune perpetrated a macabre a styled crime by first killing a man and then igniting his body on fire, to fake his own death. The news the incidence has shaken the people to the core in the state

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The man, named Akash was booked after he allegedly killed a and then burned him to fake his own death in order to claim an insurance policy. The man further burnt the body in his own car, to make people believe that he died in a car blast. 

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The whole came to limelight when the police started investigating the case and found that the who worked with Akash was also missing. Now, the police have arrested Akash for murdering the and faking his own death. 

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