5 Authentic Reasons Why You should Exercise in Winter

Health Seeker Dec 7, 2018

Winters season is as a season of excuses. Most of us snuggle up at home in comfort procrastinating a majority of our goals. Fitness is an essential part of our lives letting us stay on track with a pre-planned schedule. But, are you working on your fitness goals? Being active in winters could avoid cold, illness, the blues and isolation. Let us understand those authentic reasons to workout in winters. 

1) Vitamin D

You may wear cosy winter suits to feel warm, but no warmth is better than the sun. The only way to absorb Vitamin D is letting your skin feel the sunshine. On Earth, there aren't many food sources which provide us Vitamin D. During winters while snuggled up in-house, you rarely feel the sunshine. But, how could you feel the sunshine? Well, how about spending an hour working out outdoors. Outdoor physical activity will help you absorb Vitamin D and build an incredible immune system.  

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2) Winter Weight Gain

Hot soups, hot chocolate, and a variety of chicken dishes are quiet enough to get you fat. Though its hard to resist our temptation towards such delicious food. But it should never jeopardize your body. A strict training regime matched with a perfectly balanced diet can avoid "Winter Weight Gain". By taking care of the quantity of food, you could still enjoy your favourite meals. A moderate daily exercise can help you stay healthy. 

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3) Strengthen Heart

In cold climate, the heart has to work harder to circulate blood throughout the body. Winters put a lot of strain on the heart which could lead to collateral damage. An unhealthy heart is easily exposed to illnesses and injuries. Performing cardiovascular exercises like jogging, running, jump rope, burpees, mountain climbers, and much more can strengthen valves of the heart. Exercising regularly in winters prepare you mentally to brace cold temperatures. 

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4) Cold Tolerance

Well, speaking of embracing cold temperatures, how about building cold tolerance? You may have decided to exercise on the coldest day in the winter, but your body might disagree with your thought. It is always better to start with a small goal. Working out for twenty minutes and increasing it slightly every day can help you achieve your goal. Building tolerance towards cold temperature could result impacting on your productivity, personal life, and much more. So, more often you are going to exercise in winter, the better you become. 

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5) Happiness

One of the psychological benefits of working out is happiness. But, How? You see, we humans are anxious beings who suffer from anxiety, depression, mental illness. A routine exercise improves confidence level, lowers anxiety, mental health. In winters, we feel incredible while working out daily as it is hard to get along in cold temperature. The more you exercise, the more endorphins are generated in your body. 

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What's the Catch?

Though the above article motivates you to workout in winters, yet you should work out every day. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in today's world has become a necessity for us over a hobby. So, keep working out to stay healthy. 

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