Know list of Cleanest City in India, You will be shocked

More info Dec 7, 2018

The results are out and there is no hiding for the cleanest or the dirtiest cities in India. Today, we take a look at some of the cleanest cities in India as of 2018.

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Third place belongs to Chandigarh, which was ranked at 11th last year. A remarkable improvement from last year!

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Second place goes to Bhopal, which has been crowned the same as last year where it finished runner-up last year as well.

credit: third party image reference

And, the winning entry for the cleanest city in India is Indore which has retained its ranking from last year and hasn't found any other city to dethrone it!

In case you were wondering where Bengaluru ranks in the list, it is pretty disappointing that it hasn't even made it to the top ten cleanest cities in India.

Most of the things or actions to be taken are still on the works and necessary steps need to be taken to bring Bengaluru to the top of the pile which might take several years!

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