5 Makeup and Hairstyling Tips for Women with Thin Faces

Princess Diary Dec 7, 2018

1.Even out your skin tone:

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Your face may have many different skin shades so choose your base wisely , even out your skin tone and create an even canvas as different shades of skin tone may create illusion and elongates your face more. Any marks or dark eye patch will make your skin look dull and weak.

2.Decide on the shape of your brow:

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Shape of your brow plays an important role in shaping your face. Don’t keep too much arch in your brow as it will elongate your face. Keep your eyebrow long if not draw it long so that it creates an illusion that your face is broad.

3. Blush:

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Choosing the right shade of blush is very important, as darker shades of blush may break down your face and so avoid using darker shades of blush. Applying blush in right way, is an important part, don’t apply blush on your cheekbone, instead apply it on your apple of your cheek it will make your face look plumper and wider.

4. Highlight:

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Apply highlighter but not in your cheekbone, as it will highlight the cheekbone and it will make you look more skinny. Apply highlighter just below your cheekbone as it will bring huge difference in your facial structure.

5. Bang bang:

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Bang are your best friend when you have a elongated face, as it will cover your forehead and make your face look small.

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