Mind Palace: How to Memorize anything 5x Faster

Padigala Nagaraju Dec 7, 2018

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Mind Palace is an easy and fun way to memorize things faster. You can build a memory palace and associate things with the palace to retrieve information really fast. Actually, it's not a fictional thing. It is an actual real thing and was not invented by Sherlock Holmes.

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It was invented by a Greek man named Simonides of Ceos. Basically, you can choose your home or a route that you are really familiar with for your mind palace. The most important thing is that you must be able to walk through the mind palace with your mind's eye.

I will give you an example for your clarity.

You go to your friend's home and leave your books in the chair and some other object on the shelf. After that, you go to a movie and dine at a restaurant. And in 3 or 4 hours later, when you come back to the friend's home, you know exactly where to go and find your things. Have you ever wondered how do you do that? Because that chair and the shelf hold your objects information in your mind. That's exactly what the mind palace is. If your friend had four or five pieces of the furniture, you could put a hat on one piece, and the others on different furniture. You could go back to each one of those locations and pick the items that you left. And the memory palace or mind palace works the same way. You memorize locations in a room and then you go back to retrieve the data that you want to remember.

How can you build your own mind palace?

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The easiest way to build a memory palace is to stand in the doorway of every room of your house and enter one of the rooms. Now go around the room in a clockwise direction and pick five items of the furniture. Number them like 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. And in the same way, go to the next room and stand in the doorway. Number them 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Please do pick big pieces of furniture like a desk, TV, fridge, a cot, bookshelves, computer and a chair. And do not choose the same item like a chair in one room and another chair in the next room. Finally, those locations are now going to be the places where you will store the data in mind palace. Now you should rehearse the locations until you could recall each item within milliseconds. Just visualize seeing each piece of furniture in an organized way over and over. Now it is time to use this furniture.

I am going to give you an example of that.

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For instance, you have to memorize a list in an order. If I say the number of a fruit on the list is 5, then you have to associate the fruit with the number five-piece of furniture that you have already memorized. Maybe it's a fridge, a tv, a computer or a desk. Whatever it is. Let us just say it is a desk. Then you have to visualize the fruit on the desk or visualize that you are chopping the fruit or slicing it off on the desk. The more you visualize and the crazier your visualization gets, the longer you will remember it.

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And then I say the number 2 is water. Let us just say that your number 2 piece of furniture is a chair. And you imagine that chair in your brain and water pouring down all over it. Later on, when you want to recall the data, you go around the mind palace and on the number 5 spot the desk where you effortlessly see the fruit. Thus, you know number 5 on the list was a fruit. On number 2 spot a chair where you see water. So you know number 2 was water you always use. You should always use every file in a chronological order. I mean if I say number 5 is a fruit and you think your number 8 is the refrigerator where you store fruits. And you are going to imagine the fruit on number 8. Don't do that. You should put the fruit in the mind palace in a chronological order. If the 1st word is fruit, then you put that on the 1st piece of furniture. It doesn't matter if that 1st piece of furniture is a fridge or not. You should follow like 1st word= 1st piece of furniture, 2nd word= 2nd piece of furniture.That's an important tip in the mind palace. Visualization is a key here and how you associate words or data is also important.

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