Here where everything is white with blinding snow and ice, the clear McMurdo Dry Valleys are a striking anomaly

Frekish Point Dec 6, 2018

While life does indeed thrive in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, don’t mistake them for a gentle oasis on the tundra. The lack of snow is not a sign of softness, but the result of 200 mph katabatic winds sucked down into the valleys by gravity and heating up as they pound toward the ground, evaporating any moisture in their wake.


The mountains surrounding are high enough to prevent the ice sheet from covering the area, leaving naked, unyielding bedrock, scattered with loose gravel and the occasional ice wedge. This terrain full of mystery and surprises truly represents the tenacity of life and the possibility that it extends beyond the barriers we’ve assigned it.


As there are no roads of note best to use your much more reliable GPS - 77° 28′ 0″ S, 162° 31′ 0″ E. These will take you into the heart of the Antarctic Oasis


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