Chapel of the Snows, not originally planned for McMurdo Station see

Frekish Point Dec 6, 2018

In 1978, the church was devastated by a fire that started in the rear heater room, and despite the valiant efforts of the fire crew and volunteers throwing snow on the smoldering building, it was a total loss. The temporary chapel built by the community was left abandoned until it too, suffered a fiery demise during a Condition 1 storm in 1991.


Mourning the loss of historic memorabilia from winter crews past, but counting their blessings that no one was injured, volunteers pulled together scrap materials and built a temporary replacement.


A refurbishing of McMurdo Station was planned by the National Science Foundation, and a new chapel was included in the design. The new, 2,016-square-ft structure was dedicated in March of 1989 in an hour-long ceremony that attracted an overflowing crowd.


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