How To Fix Broken Mobile Screen In 2 Minutes

English guru Oct 13, 2018

The use of mobile has become the only need of our lives. Our life will be very difficult without mobile. It plays a very important role in everyday life. Most of the people of today are liking the touch screen mobile phones without calling the phone's phones. But the only fear of the people to take it is that if the screen breaks down, by accidentally the phone will collapse. Nowadays mobile screens have started to get very expensive. If you scratch on your screen or break up, you feel very bad.

Today in this article we will tell you a very easy and simple solution so that you can make your broken mobile screen and scratch screen easily useful.

Easy and easy to fix broken screen and scratch of mobile

If the mobile screen is broken or you have gone deep scratch pads, do not worry, you just have to take a little toothpaste. It is about to be broken or scratched on the screen of the mobile. After applying toothpaste, keep the phone from dry to dry for 2 hours. After drying, wipe toothpaste with light soft wet cloth. The deep scratch and broken-looking screen on your mobile screen will be useful as well.

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