Akshay Kumar gives real fitness goals ,learn how he stays so fit

Unplug Traveller Oct 13, 2018

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Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is well known for his fitness even at the age of 51. He has many hit films and won the heart of many. It is because of his such an amazing body. Many people wonder how it is to be possible to stay fit along with such a hectic routine. Akshay Kumar really gives fitness goals and learn how he stays fit is here.

1. Daily Regime - Akshay follows a very strict daily routine. Going to bed early and waking up as the sun rises is vital. Never have food after 7:30 pm in the evening and drink a lot of water every day. Leave your stress at your workspace. These are some advises which Akshay Kumar always shares with his fans. By following all these exercises, he ensures a good life cycle and inculcates the same in his family.

2. Diet Pattern to be followed - He always prefers having homemade meals. Mostly his larger meals comprise of brown rice, green vegetables, yoghurt, and salads. Rather than having a lot at once, consume those mini meals at regular interval of time. It will never let your body drain out of energy. Secondly, his bag is always full of nuts and you may have noticed Akshay while consuming nuts in between his shoots. Bollywood actor usually avoids eating fried and oily food as it slows down the metabolism rate. Avoid overstuffing your stomach as it may be disastrous. He consumes at least of 3 litres water every day for healthy skin, hair and proper blood circulation. He is always against those protein shakes and bars which gym going people consume usually.

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3. Exercising is the Foremost Priority - No matter what, never leave exercising. By exercising, Akshay does not mean going to the gym and hitting to dumbbells. It can be anything such as - yoga, running, Zumba, planks, squats, walking etc. Akshay himself loves to work out naturally and was seen doing neck exercise during his recent shoot. He is fit because he is consistent and clear about his goals. He also posts many videos of him doing jogging, cycling, and Yoga. His Instagram is full of such content. You will definitely feel motivated if you visit his social media page. He is considered one of the healthiest and fit person in the entire Bollywood industry and he is such an inspiration.

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4. Rely on Remedies - Akshay is a firm believer that if you want to take good care of your hair and skin then never rely on products. Chemical products are going to harm you forever. Instead, go for home remedies and there are many available on the internet too. His glowing face and healthy hair are because of many home remedies he usually follows.

Bollywood Industry has never seen any fit actor like Akshay ever before. He is so consistent and patient to follow his routine despite having such a busy schedule that he is no less than an inspiration to all. 

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