Navaratri 2018: Keep the Attention Of These Things During Worship Of Power

ASHISH123 Oct 11, 2018

credit: ASHISH123

Navratri is a great honor of worship. The worship made in Navratri offers many benefits. Worship is meaning-sitting nearby. Proximity Nearing which will be present, it is natural to come into its attributes. Just as heat is obtained from sitting between the hills of the snow and heat before going to the fire The proximity of the flowers makes us feel fragrant, so it is natural to feel hesitant to go to the dirty nallah due to the bad odor. Contact or presence is considered to be a major cause of merits and defects. Navratri is a golden opportunity to sit near Lord Sadhana and take advantage of their proximity.

Do not show off in worship:

credit: ASHISH123

Numerous people are seen worshiping the pooja. They also understand that they are worshiping. Many other people also consider him as worshiper, but his worship is not successful with the desired result. Neither do they get excellence and neither self-peace They lie even after reading pooja and do many types of misdeeds. As a result, there is no feeling of coldness or satisfaction in mind.

credit: ASHISH123

Proximity is beneficial, the person living in the worship remains near the divine and as a result, he continues to absorb his attributes. God is the law of all the superiorities and excellences. That is why they also come and settled in that worshiper. Whatever worship will achieve the proximity of God, it will remain near it, it is natural and sure to transfer the virtue of God into the virtues of God.

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