In the hotel of Dubai, where Sridevi take it last breath, there night fare is so much

Pradhumn Oct 13, 2018

Today Bollywood's later actor Sridevi is not among us. He died after drowning in the bathtub in the hotel of Dubai. His sudden death was unhappy for his family and just Bollywood, but his loved ones present throughout the country. As we all know, Sridevi went to Dubai to join the wedding. Where he stayed at the hotel after joining the wedding. Friends, today we will tell you all the hotel's rent and some specialties.


Friends The name of this hotel is the Jummara Amirts Tower. Let's say that this luxurious hotel in Dubai is the favorite hotel of Bollywood , most of Bollywood's stop in Dubai at this hotel. Jummah Emirates is one of the world's finest hotels, it has 56 floors. Operated by the Juamra International Group, this hotel has 400 rooms, out of which 40 are luxury suites.

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Now, if you talk about the rental of the hotel then the usual Deluxe Room of the Jummara Amirts Tower is worth 30 thousand rupees, and the Executive Suite costs around Rs 42 thousand, while the Presidential Suite's fare is Rs 1.45 lakh. This is a huge amount for a common man.

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Speaking of hotel facilities, this hotel has 13 dining and nightlife venues, waterpark and even private beach, in addition to the swimming pool, spa, fitness center and gym. As you can see in all pictures that it is very luxurious.

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