Navaratri 2018: Without devotion, worship of goddess Durga, know these special things

Technical Saini Oct 11, 2018

Maa Durga Puja Havan: If you worship in Navaratri then know that it is also a special place of havan. Pooja is not considered complete without havan.

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Importance of Havan in Maa Durga Puja: Chanting of any worship and mantra is incomplete without havan. In any Vedic Puja, the importance of Havan increases further. There is a fixed number of planets' seed mantras, in that number chanting or chanting the number four times in Kalyug, it is necessary to have a tenth of the havan. It is very important for Mother Durga to delight Mother Durga in various mantras of Durga Saptashati.

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Mango lumber is usually used for havan. The complete content of the havan needs. Barley must be used in the havan of Navaratri. The use of sesame leads to the suppression of spiritual prosperity and sufferings. Jug is used to please the planet Mars and the Sun. The Chinese is for the Moon and Venus. Use only cow's ghee. Ghee is a symbol of fire and a sign of Venus. Dry havan used to use coconut in the end. Ghee is prepared on this and dedicates it to fire.

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Havan is the fullness of Navratri worship. It is believed that the mother is happy and the planets get food. A special thing, the method of havan of Tantric worship and Dada is different from Vedic worship. Mustard is used in the havan of Baglukhi worship. You have to use the Navagraha wood in every Havan.

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