How to get free 1000 views on the Youtube videos!

TipsyBro Nov 9, 2018

The dream all the new youtubers get's to grow up their channel or vlog by presenting their skills in front of the world.but it takes a huge time to get popular on the youtube.the basic dream is to earn by the youtube google ads . but it takes a challenge of task to firstly complete the minimum of the 1000 subscribers and the 4000 watch time which in general terms we can say it as a hundred's of hours. then all the basic and the new youtubers try to get some of the tricks to get promoted their channel with some of the easy tasks and without making any efforts but some of them gets connected with the illegal of the sources and the websites contaning of the too much cookie usage and we gets some of the strikes upon our channel by the public or buy the community.

so.guys today i bought u a simple trick to get free and real views upon your channel videos and the simplest and the easiest method is in front of you it's a website which provides us many of the free services not only on the youtube but also on the instagram,facebook,twitter,etc.


this the only site to provide too much of the services with free and the lowest prices also with the pricing chart

.QQTube was started in 2013 as a platform to quickly and easily buy YouTube views. With QQTube we strived to offer a better service, cheaper pricing, faster delivery and a better website. This was realized with QQTube. We quickly expanded from being the new group on the market to being the leader in the market. Since launching we have become one of the sole providers of YouTube views. We have our own network of viewers, our own platform to deliver from and our own website. We wanted to be the best provider, and we believe that has been achieved but with an always advancing market and increasing customer demands our priority to increase satisfaction and decrease prices.

QQTube provides one of the easiest APIs to use and with our funds system nearly anyone can resell us. Perhaps that is why we have over 1,200 resellers. We cannot name names but we can confidently say that if you buy YouTube views on another site, it will be sent to us to fulfill. Nearly every seller uses us simply because we are the original supplier. We provide our own services.

Our promise to you

We want you to succeed in your YouTube marketing career and we will do everything possible to meet your needs. We will provide customer support in a quick and efficient manner, provide refunds when there are issues and strive to provide you with the best service.


They have recently added again an option to purchase Youtube custom comments which is a really good thing.Youtube and Google are both crawling your comments like crazy,sometimes it’s more important then description or backlinks. Due fact Youtube has been “cracking skulls” lately with a new update which i mentioned in this post many sellers stopped providing their services however QQtube were among first to provide solution and their “views system” now works like a charm.

As in now,in October 2018, I really like and use on my videos the “slow views” service which uses drip-feed method sending smaller amounts of views every day over time.

I have just shown you my spendings on QQtube and what I needed were cheap Youtube views and likes to boost my videos. It helped me earn massive affiliate commissions during years like $61,467.19 with CPAGrip.

the website shows you the pricing chart of all the services provided by them and all the orders are completed with in the 24-48 provides all type all the followers and the like collecting system of the facebook,instagram.

the website also gives you the option of the affiliate services through which you can also earn side earnings which you gets by reffering your friend or your customer a link through which he/she makes placing of order or the depositing of the amount for a order you gets 20% of their orders as a reward.

Using the URL link given in the website to refer friends and others and get a portion of their deposits! their are some of the level of earning of current affiliate rates. The shown percentage is the amount of the order you will receive for referring the person. People you directly refer are considered "Level 1". People that your Level 1 referees refer are considered "Level 2".

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