Celebrating Bhai Dooj will save your Brother from Yamraj- the God of Death!

Mistimaan Nov 9, 2018

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Bhai Dooj is an observable Hindu festival when women request to the Gods for long and prosperous lives for their kin. It is lauded two days after the notable festival of Diwali. This year, Bhai Dooj will be commended on 9th November.

It is glorious by numerous names in numerous elements of the country like Bhau Beej, Bhai Teeka or Bhai Phota. The festival is on a very basic level the equivalent as Raksha Bandhan, as it applauds the reverence between a kin and sister.

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On this day, women welcome their kin home and apply 'teeka' or 'tilak' on their sanctuaries and offer petitions to the Gods and the kin present their sisters with gifts thusly.

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Fables is isolated on the wellsprings of Bhai Dooj. As shown by a couple, Yamraj, the God of Death, visited his sister on this day. His sister, Yami who is generally called Yamuna, welcomed him with an aarti, and ensuing to applying tilak on his forehead, offered him sweets. Therefore, he given her a gift that suggested his love and affection towards her.

Moved by his sister's friendship, Yamraj articulated that any kin who may get an aarti and tilak from his sister on this day should never fear downfall.

This story is in like manner the clarification for the festival being called Yama Dwitiya in a couple of areas of the country.

Another standard origination story for the festival is that Lord Krishna's sister Subhadra welcomed him with an aarti, tilak, sweets and blooms after he butchered the abhorrent nearness ruler Narakasur.

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