Here the boys and girls ask for a loan instead of the Nude Selfie loan

BTNEWS Dec 7, 2018

If you have ever taken a loan from the bank, then you will know that the bank does not give loans to such a person, but they give loans only by guaranteeing something, sometimes the bank lends itself in exchange for your property, house etc. But do you know that there is such a place where the girls are being given a loan in exchange for Nude photographs, you may find this thing a bit awkward but this is reality.

credit: third party image reference

Let us tell you that this case is from China, but nowadays many banks are ready to give loans to boys and girls for their full nude photographs. In fact, this matter is from China where the money is being provided to the young women in exchange for Nude photographs. Most online loan companies are resorting to this method in which people are asked to pledge their Nude photographs. This service is known as the Naked Loan Service.

credit: third party image reference

According to the information, such loan companies first take the Nude photographs of the needy youth and give them the loan after which they are threatened to violate their Nude photographs on behalf of the company, More money is also collected from the interest. Let us know that many such cases have come in China in which people have been given a loan in lieu of their Nude Selfies.

credit: third party image reference

It has been revealed in a report that most of the people who took this kind of loan included girls and boys of 19 to 23 years old who had taken loan from 1000 to 2000 dollars and when these people could not afford the loan, Threatened to viral. Let us tell you that the trade of the Naked Lone Service is increasing rapidly in China.

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