America develops banned missiles, Russia will do the same: Putin

Sanu rana Dec 6, 2018

credit: third party image reference

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday warned that if the US develops banned missiles, then Russia will do the same. Putin said that if America comes out of an important weapon treaty and begins to develop missiles banned by it, then Russia will do the same. Russia and America have come face-to-face with the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Force Treaty. Russian President Vladimir Putin reacted sharply on the statement of US President Donald Trump. He said that if America develops banned missiles, then Russia will do the same.

credit: third party image reference

US Secretary of State Mike Popeo had announced in a meeting of NATO that the US will abandon its obligations under the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Force Treaty (INF) in 60 days due to Russian "fraud". Putin's statement came on Wednesday after a day after Popeo's statement. President Donald Trump had announced his decision to separate from the INF earlier this year.

Putin said in his statement on television, "It seems that our American colleagues believe that the situation has changed so much that the US should have such weapons." He said, 'What will be our reaction? A very simple, in that case we will do the same. '

President Ronald Reagan of the United States and the then President of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorvechoff, had a treaty on December 8, 1987 to end intermediate-range nuclear missiles. Under this, the two countries had to clear their number by destroying some of their missiles. It is said that after the Treaty, about 2,700 missiles were destroyed by third party image reference

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