Einstein's 'God Letter' sells for 2.9 Million Dollars


  • It brought two fold the sale house's anticipated cost of up to 1.5 million.In the letter, written in his local German, Einstein disagrees with the confidence in God. 
  • "This amazingly genuine, private letter was composed a year prior to Einstein's demise and remains the most completely verbalized articulation of his religious and philosophical perspectives," an announcement from Christie's says.
  • Transcribed letter by Albert Einstein in which he thinks about the idea of religion has sold for almost $2.9 million (generally Rs. 20 crores) crushing forecasts. 
  • Written in 1954, the supposed "God letter" was relied upon to get $1.5 million (generally Rs. 10 crores) at Christie's Rockefeller Center sale here. 
  • The Nobel Prize-winning researcher, at that point 74, composed the one-and-a-half page note to German rationalist Eric Gutkind in light of one of his works. 
  • It is viewed as a key explanation in the discussion among science and religion. 
  • "The word God is for me only the articulation and result of human shortcomings," he composes. "The Bible a gathering of respected yet at the same time rather crude legends." 
  • It proceeds with: "No elucidation, regardless of how unobtrusive, can [for me] transform anything about this." 
  • The physicist likewise muses alone Jewish character, composing that it is "like every other religion, a manifestation of crude superstition".

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