Unknown historical facts about Hong Kong

I smart Dec 7, 2018

Hong Kong is one of the world's richest cities. It has the highest number of rolls-Royce per capita compared to any other area in the world.

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Three quarter of the city's landmass is green. Major attractions in the wild areas include 24 parks, woodlands, reservoirs, hills and a beautiful coastline.

The name of the city is a Cantonese phrase that translates as "fragrant port".

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Hong Kong is the city of inventor of fiber optic communication: Professor Charles Chao

The third Disney theme park outside of the United States was opened in Hong Kong in 2005.

The city has the highest number of skyscrapers in the world. There are more 7000 buildings in this area with more than 14 floors (about half of it are in New York City.)

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During the Opium war, the British Government managed to colonize Hong Kong in 1841.

The city welcomes the largest number of tourists (41.92 million) per year, who spend more than $ 33.7 billion.

This city is famous for producing some of the finest Kung Fu films and artists, including Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee.

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It has won the title of "Best Business City in the World" for four years. This award is organized and announced by Business Traveler Asia Pacific Magazine.

Hong Kong Sevens, a rugby tournament held in March every year, is the world's largest rugby tournament. There are more than 28 teams from around the world competing for a $ 150,000 prize.

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Hong Kong International Airport is one of the top ten busiest port in the world. It handles more than 59 million passengers every day.

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