Black Hole - Mysteries of the One Way of Darkness

360dtv Dec 6, 2018

Whether the great spaces are created by God or made up of nature, it is only sure that the universe has hidden millions of mysteries and secrets into itself!credit: third party image reference

Thus, the mysterious secrets of the universe in the mystery of the universe are a brilliant secret to the black hole. Black hole is the ultimate end of the evolution of cosmologists and astronomical physicists.

Blackhole has now emerged as the controversial issue of Blackhole, though the planets are nothing. Detailed information on it can be found in the following third party image reference

Note that black holes can not be measured and can not be tested.

Because the light hole has a very high gravity, which can not be recovered, including light.

Since the electromagnetic waves can not escape out of the black hole's path, it is true that we can not know what's going on inside third party image reference

Black hole can be predicted by gravitational events that occur through Blackhole.

Scientists believe in Black Hole's presence on occasional third party image reference

To do so, some space researchers have published research information that Black Hole has been discovered and is 30 times larger than we third party image reference

According to the study, there is a tremendous Black Hole in the midst of a newly discovered third party image reference

And that the Black Hole is much bigger than predicted in Black Hole-based third party image reference

The newly discovered Milky Way galaxy was invented by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope.

More importantly, it is noteworthy that the new Milky Way galaxy, SAGE0536AGN, has been invented, or raised a question about it.

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